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The ISSILC welcomes new members, who will join a vibrant community of scholars.

ISSILC consists of language scholars and cognitive scientists, all of whom are part of setting the research agenda for the language sciences in the 21st century.

As a member of the ISSILC you are eligible for:

  1. Regular newsletters
  2. A reduced fee for participation in the biennial CILC conferences
  3. Discounts on selected publications (subject to availability) that result from the work of members of the Society


For the time being, this site does not support payment of membership fees. Therefore, we require you to perform two steps in order to become a member. Unfortunately, this means that you will be asked to give your information twice. We hope you'll bear with us.


First, we need you to go to the webpay system (hosted by the University of Southern Denmark) and register there with the required information. Note: The webpay portal will open in a new window. If you aren't a member of the Distributed Language Group and didn't attend the 1st CILC, this is where you will be asked to pay your membership fee:

  • 40.00 EURO for ordinary members
  • 25.00 EURO for Ph.d. students


Upon completion of the registration via WebPay, close that browser window to come back here. Then set up your user account on

When your membership request has been reviewed and everything is in order, you will receive an email confirming your membership.